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Public Intoxication

If you find yourself charged with public intoxication in Alabama, you are not alone. But though this is a common and seemingly minor offense, simply paying the fines without contesting the charges can create an undue burden on your future. With public intoxication on your record, you could face difficulty obtaining employment and financial stability. Instead, call Bennett Law to discuss your options and get started on your defense!

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Public Intoxication Attorney in Birmingham

Public Intoxication Defense in Alabama

In Alabama, you can be charged with public intoxication if you appear in a public place under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or other drugs and perform certain disruptive behaviors. These behaviors may include endangering yourself, another person, or property. The charge may also cover what the law calls “boisterous and offensive conduct” that “annoys another person” in your vicinity.

These broad definitions make it easy for anyone to find themselves facing a public intoxication charge. In this situation, you may be wondering: What types of spaces legally count as “public”? What behaviors are considered “boisterous and offensive”? Was I truly a danger to other people? What if my behavior was caused by a legally prescribed medication? At Bennett Law, we will treat your case with the utmost respect and investigate every angle of the situation to protect your future.

When to Hire an Attorney for Public Intoxication

Though a public intoxication charge may seem minor, any criminal offense could have an outsized impact on your future. You don’t want to risk your goals and aspirations for one honest mistake—especially in cases where that mistake may not be one you actually made. Contact the leading Criminal Defense Law Firm, Bennett Law to learn more about your rights, your options, and the best course of action for your case.

When you work with a criminal defense attorney like Ansley Platt Bennett, you gain an advocate who will stand for you throughout every step of the proceedings. Bennett Law is dedicated to fighting for the most positive and least costly outcome in your case.


Frequently Asked Questions About Public Intoxication in Alabama

No; in fact, Alabama defines public intoxication as a violation rather than a misdemeanor or felony. But though this charge may seem relatively minor, the penalties can include up to 30 days of jail time and/or up to $200 in fines. What’s more, it is still a criminal charge that will appear on your public record if you let it go uncontested. That’s why it’s important to obtain legal counsel as soon as you are cited or arrested.

A public intoxication charge is not an automatic penalty for being drunk or under the influence of drugs in public. The charge comes when disruptive or dangerous behavior results from being intoxicated in public.

Alabama code defines a public place as a location that can be accessed by all members of the public or at least a substantial group of people. Public places could include schools, parks and playgrounds, amusement facilities, highways, transportation facilities, apartment hallways, and lobby areas.

In order for you to be guilty of public intoxication, the prosecution must be able to prove that:

  • You were intoxicated, meaning under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • While intoxicated, you were causing a scene or acting in a way that put yourself or others in danger
  • You were, in fact, in a public place.

At Bennett Law, we will examine every possible angle to determine whether the alleged behavior was in fact boisterous, offensive, or dangerous and whether or not it took place in public. If your behavior was induced by drugs that were legally prescribed to you by a physician, this could be another important strategy for defense. 

Even if you believe you are guilty of the charge, you should still contact an attorney who can fight for the least damaging outcome in your case!

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