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Empower Your Defense Against Criminal Allegations in Birmingham

If you are facing criminal charges, you are entering one of the most stressful times of your life. During this time, you deserve dependable, compassionate counsel dedicated to alleviating that stress and defending your future. Ansley Platt Bennett is an experienced criminal law attorney who will provide you with honest advice, fierce representation, and 24/7 access to your case’s information.

Bennett Law utilizes modern technology and client management systems to ensure that our clients are always in the know about the status of their cases. With unparalleled access to your case documents and frequent communication with your attorney, you can navigate the legal process with as little stress as possible.

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About Our Firm

Why Choose Bennett Law?

Relentless Criminal Defense

Ansley Platt Bennett has practiced law with one of the most reputable criminal defense firms in Birmingham. She not only knows how to win—she knows what it means to truly be there for her clients.

Modern Technology for Superior Accessibility

We utilize a streamlined client portal to keep you in the know, giving you full access to your case status, discovery documents, payment information, and more—anytime, anywhere.

Commitment to

We strive to protect the rights of any member of the Birmingham metro community with fair rates and unmatched customer service.


Track Record of Excellence

I just want to take time out and thank Attorney Bennett. She’s very knowledgeable, professional and gets straight to the point. She went above and beyond to help me with my situation and put my mind at ease!

- Micah

Ansley helped to expunge an old charge from my record that was going to come up during my professional licensure and employment applications. She streamlined the process and had the charge expunged quickly, so that I could move on with my employment search. She constantly called to check in and keep me updated on where we were in the process. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

- Mallory S.

My son got into some trouble at the University of Alabama, and Ansley helped keep the charges off his record. She was efficient and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to help with any cases your young student may have.

- John
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You deserve an experienced and understanding partner when it comes to protecting your future, your freedom, and your finances. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, start a conversation with us today.

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